I’ve been adding Google Analytics to each one of my sites ever since it launched. It was the defacto snippet of code in a simple partial that was on every custom landing page, every microsite. My clients never complained as it was always added in. Track everything was my mantra.

I’ve since changed my stance, but just for my personal blog (this website). My personal blog does not need Google Analytics. I don’t need to know if a specific post is popular, went viral or where it reached the most amount of traffic from.

If this blog was for a business then yes, I would certainly recommend it. Organisations need to understand where prospective leads are coming from so they can push for revenue and grow. My personal website certainly doesn’t need it. Sites like Full Story are probably much more invasive as it gathers every single mouse click, movement and keystroke while on your domain. That’s not here either.

So, as a personal promise, this site will have no tracking enabled, no advertising or anything that will send data back to Facebook, Google or any other entity.