So a customer of mine had signed up with Pingdom as part of one of their projects. They noticed that they really were not getting any value out of the pingdom service so they cancelled the account.

Today, they received an email which gave them a special offer as they were sad to see them leave.

Pingdom Email

This linked through to a video in which two people, Charles and Amanda, attempted to lure them in with their special offer.

I clicked through on both links, each of which opened up a new video in the same page. They both offered the exact same offer. Gah!

Why not just give the offer in the email and not annoy or waste time beating around the bush. Secondly, choosing between a guy and a girl…not the brightest idea the marketing department has had. Personally, I don’t want to pick either one, I just want the damm offer.

Turns out Pingdom value us enough to give us a 35% discount; we might have stayed with you if you drastically lowered your pricing in the first place.

Bad Pingdom, bad!